A tour of a beer born on the beach

Atlantic Ocean, Ocean Lab Beer

“I want a beer. I want a giant, ice-cold bottle of beer and shower sex.”

― Nora Roberts, Chasing Fire

Born on the beach is not just their slogan, literally, the brewery is on the beach. Ocean Lab beer is produced in Isla Verde Beach in Puerto Rico. You can have a very fresh beer looking at the waves of the Atlantic.

The issue with most craft beers is that they’re packed with strong and highly-defined flavors, but sacrifice on smoothness. This is an issue on our island, where the days are warm and sunny.

Ocean Lab is different. Our beer is made to be refreshing, without sacrificing flavor. Which is convenient for us, since our brewery is located beach-side.” – Matias, Ocean Lab Brewing Co.

Ocean Lab Beer
The one to the right is the Sunset Amber. The dark one is the Holiday Edition.

A beer that was never meant to be drunk on the entire Island, is now, one of the most popular beers in it!
When the furious Category 5 Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico, it completely changed the plans for the owners of Ocean Lab Brewing Company.
The beer was supposed to be sold only in Vivo Beach Club. But the hurricane made it impossible to open the venue and there was a lot of beer brewed. The ports were still. Nothing was moving to or out of Puerto Rico, and the demand for beer grew!
A very large percentage of beers consumed on the Island are imported.
The local bars needed beer, so they called Ocean Lab. The owners made a decision. Instead of losing all the beer, they sold it to local bars and restaurants. The rest is history.

The food

Hurricane Maria changed the way we drink beer in Puerto Rico!
I went on a tour in Isla Verde with my wife Mariela. It was a great experience. Afterward, we had lunch at the bar upstairs. They have a great menu with very creative and fun dishes. We ordered Shrimp Corn Dogs, instead of a hot dog, it was shrimp. Mariela ordered the Brewmaster Cheeseburger: Ocean Lab Brown Ale beer spiced fondue, pickled red onions, garlic aioli on Brioche Bun.

Ocean Lab Hot Dog
Ocean Lab Hot Dog

My dish reminded me of New Orleans Mardi Gras with its purple and green vibrant colors. It was a Foot Long Ocean Bratworst with homemade sauerkrout, queso fresco, beer mustard, served on an Ocean Lab beer-infused hot dog.
From a few barrels in 2017, now they are expanding, big time!

What I liked!

I like the Mambo, a hazy wheat beer with a delicious passionfruit aroma and flavor. The Sunset Amber, roasted and caramel malts give this brew a deep “sunset” hue with caramel notes and a far coffee aftertaste.  The SJU, with a light golden hue, floral notes, caramel malt sweetness, honey, and nuts that finish off smoothly along the palate. Of course, I’ve tried more of their selection. In the tour we took, we tried a beer that has not yet been released and a grapefruit beer. Both are very delicious and refreshing.

Brewmaster Cheeseburger at Ocean Lab
Brewmaster Cheeseburger

The tour is a good way to go to the beach, learn more about our beers, and taste fun dishes all at the same time. The brewery is nearby the Isla Verde hotel district and across the street from the airport. I think is a must-visit. Perhaps one of the things I like more about this brewery is that it took a Category 5 Hurricane to put it on the beer map. It rose from the great devastation of a very catastrophic situation and today it has surpassed the owners’ wildest expectations. Prove that when people work hard and make things happen instead of sitting down waiting for someone to take pity on them, you can make it and make it big!

Don’t let hurricanes and earthquakes keep you down. Rise!

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A tour of a beer born on the beach
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A tour of a beer born on the beach
I took the Ocean Lab Brewery tour with my wife. A brewery on the beach, with great beers, view, and food!
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