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If you are not coffee, chocolate or bacon, I’m going to need you to go away

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Puerto Rico has been known for its coffee for centuries. The Central Mountain Range provides coffee trees with the altitude, rainfall, sun, and shade coffee needs to grow healthy and abundant.

My Grandfather used to plant, grow, care, harvest, dry, clean, toast, and finally drink his own coffee, up in the tropical mountains of Utuado. Many people still do it this way. I remember my Grandma roasting coffee beans in a huge caldero. My aunt did this also. The aroma would spread to all the houses in the neighborhood. Sometimes I would help to grind it in a big hand-powered grinder.

Coffee was brewed all day long in my Abuelita’s house. You could visit at any given time, ad coffee was either being brewed or being served. It was coffee heaven.

That passion for coffee has stayed in me and I have been a coffee drinker all my life. As I am writing this post, I am drinking coffee, Alto Grande to be exact!

So I decided to make a list of coffee brewers, grinders, and gadgets that would best complement Puerto Rican Coffee. A long while ago, I was visiting a friend of mine in Caguana, a district of Utuado. His family has been in the coffee business for a while. We were talking about the best ways to make coffee and what coffee makers to use.

French press coffee maker
French press coffee maker

Mueller French Press 20% Heavier Duty Double Insulated 310 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Multi-Screen System 100% No Coffee Grounds Guarantee, Rust-Free, Dishwasher Safe – Well, French Press coffee makers are not that widely popular in Puerto Rico. At our house, we do have one similar to this one and it makes a good afternoon coffee. Since the grinds do not interact for a long time with the hot water, the result is flavorful but not too strong of a coffee cup.

Good afternoon coffee maker
Good afternoon coffee maker

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter, Glass, 34 Ounce, 1 Liter, Cork Band – OK, this one is similar to what we call the ‘sock’, the little clothe coffee filter. Not exactly the same but similar. With this one, you heat the water and then pour it through the grinds. Not my favorite but it makes a nice cup of coffee for mid-day enjoyment.

My wife's daily coffee maker
My wife’s daily coffee maker.

Espresso Coffee Maker Pot Stovetop Moka Coffee Pot Stainless Steel Latte Cappuccino Percolator for Home Hotel Office Gift, 2 Cups /100ML – NOw this one is one of our favorites. We have one of these at home. Mariela, my wife, uses this one for her daily morning coffee. It makes an aromatic, strong, and flavorful coffee. It’s fast, convenient, and potent. Just put it on a burner and you will have coffee in about four to five minutes. Make sure that you grind the beans very thin, so it makes espresso.

We call this one a 'Greca' - Espresso Coffee Maker
We call this one a ‘Greca’ – Espresso Coffee Maker

Bialetti 06800 Moka stovetop coffee maker, 6 -Cup, Aluminum – My favorite. Perhaps because this is the type of coffee maker I always saw when growing up, or maybe because it does produce really good coffee. Very similar to the one before this one. However, I do find that it makes a really strong coffee, just what I need every morning. I use it every single day. As the one above, make sure the grinds are thin thin thin. It produces espresso-like coffee for your happiness and your loved ones!

Coffee grinder
Coffee grinder

Coffee Grinder Electric Spice Grinder, CUSINAID Stainless Steel Blades Grinder for Coffee Bean Seed Nut Spice Herb Pepper, Transparent Lid with 50g Big Capacity Silver – This is the grinder we have at our house! You need a grinder. It is always best to buy whole coffee beans, and grind them as you are about to use them. It preserves it better, the taste is fresher and the aromas that spread throughout the house are just sent from the Taino gods for your happiness. Get it, try it and see what I mean.

Alto Grande Super-premium Coffee from Puerto Rico
Alto Grande Super-premium Coffee from Puerto Rico

Alto Grande Super Premium Coffee Beans (2 Pounds) – OK, so if you are going to drink coffee, why not drink the best. Café Alto Grande is one of the world’s super-premium coffees. Established in 1839 The Hacienda Alto Grande has been in the Municipality of Lares since the Spanish Rule. Produced with Arabica coffee trees from the districts of Buenos Aires in Lares and Santa Isabel in Utuado, Alto Grande has reached the Americas and Europe. Each coffee tree produces only one pound of coffee a year; a limited production, but of an unsurpassable quality that makes this super-premium coffee stand out. In the cup, the beverage is full body with chocolate undertones and a sweet pointed aroma with no bitterness and bright acidity. It is just perfect. After tasting Alto Grande, no other coffee will ever be good enough.

Uncommon Grounds - Book about Coffee
Uncommon Grounds – Book about Coffee

Uncommon Grounds: The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World – I bought this book on coffee history that I have not yet read. I am reading various others. The history of coffee in Puerto Rico is very particular, full of great stories, sometimes crazy and weird. But this book looks at the global history of coffee, and I figured I would include it here as you sip your Alto Grande coffee ground and brewed to freshness! So why not read about what we are drinking!

Reach out if you buy anything on this page because I would like to know how you liked the coffee or the book or the grinder or the coffee maker. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram as Josue Eats and on Twitter using @jvazquezcruz.

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Drink coffee as I do!
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Drink coffee as I do!
Best coffee makers for Puerto Rican coffee. Drink coffee as I do. Puerto Rico produces some of the best coffees in the world that if you are not trying them you are missing out.
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