El Pavochón, a tradition with my wife


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 

-Leonardo da Vinci

A delicious sandwich!

The Holiday Season in Puerto Rico starts as early as Thanksgiving. Sometimes even right on Halloween. The stores bring in all the colorful and bright merchandise. The restaurants start changing their menus, and the music on the radio is more festive.

All that festivity, accompanied by cooler weather, makes us islanders feel a bit more happy and joyful!

Every holiday season my wife and I, on our shopping days, have lunch at El Mesón Sandwiches, a local sandwich chain. 

Every year come November, El Mesón, as it’s casually known, serves the Pavochón. A sandwich with turkey and pork meat, seasoned to Puerto Rican taste. A mouthful of our holidays.

It’s a small tradition, but we both love it and our mouths water just thinking about it.

El Mesón Sandwiches started in 1972 in the west coast town of Aguadilla. One location back then, but it grew. Now with over 36 stores on the Island and expanding to Florida. 

You can get it with white, wheat, medianoche, or mayorca bread! We have already tried it with white, medianoche, and mayorca!

Turkey and pork meat, soft and tender seasoned with, I really don’t know what the sauce is. Swiss cheese, cabbage, and tomatoes.

It may sound simple, which it is, however, it is one of those simple pleasures that you think about all year long. For us, it symbolizes the holidays, the shopping, the sharing!


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