Sand, beach, booze, and food in a weekend-long celebration

We islanders love the beach and we love food and mixing booze while our feet feel the sand.

Summer starts in Puerto Rico at the end of May, it starts as soon as school is over for the kids. 

Punta Maracayo is a resort in the town of Hatillo on the Atlantic Coast of the Island. We celebrated Jaycob’s graduation there with his friends and schoolmates.

Hatillo is a small town full of traditions. It is very well known for its Mask Festival on December 28th in honor of the Feast of the Holy Innocents, a celebration that has its roots in the execution of all male children ordered by Herod the Great. This celebration was brought in by the settlers from the Canary Islands.

Hatillo is also known for the production of milk, according to, the municipality has 123 dairy farms

The hotel has a bar, a restaurant a nice roomy swimming pool and the beach s just steps away with more restaurants and bars nearby.

We let him be and Mariela and I decided to discover the bar, the beers, the vodkas, and the bourbons! For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we stayed in the hotel.

The first night was all about Jaycob and his friends. Dinner was traditional Puerto Rican at Brasas Restaurant on the top story. After that, we went downstairs to the bar for a few, OK, OK, a little more than a few Tito’s and Pink Grapefruit. 

Mahi Mahi

The next day was seafood for lunch. We had to combat the heat with fresh food and cold beers. Mahi Mahi and fish tacos to be exact. Yes, I like fish tacos! They were crispy and mixed well with the sauces and fresh vegetables. The Mahi Mahi was served with fried tostones and fresh salad, all very well paired with cold Blue Moons.

Fish tacos

As we walked to the beach we saw more eateries and a bar right on the sand. We decided to give it a try after a swim and soaking some sun.

The sun was in its fullest strength, the water was calmed and warm, great for just chilling.

About an hour or two later we decided to go back, we wanted to stop at the beach bar to get more Tito’s with Pink Grapefruit but they did not carry natural juices, all were from concentrate. We decided to leave but we stopped at an ice cream cart right by the bar. Happy Pops has a variety of local tropical flavors including keto-friendly popsicles. They are so creamy yet refreshing and delicious. With the right amount of sweetness to distinguish all the fruit flavors in it.

The next day Mariela wanted to visit Vaca Negra. Vaca Negra produces aged cheeses in the style of Beaufort and Manchego, with local raw milk from the region of Hatillo. By the way, Hatillo es the milk capital of Puerto Rico. Vaca Negra makes five different kinds of cheese. All of them are named after regions of Puerto Rico like the Cabachuelas in honor of a cave system in Morovis, the Ausubal, and Capaez that are neighborhoods or sectors of Hatillo and Montebello, and Monserrate, represented by an old power station in Manatí respectively.

Mariela searching for cheeses.

Our visit was short since we did not take the tour, but we will return for it.

A celebratory weekend turned into a culinary one, as we always try to do, we eat and discover new flavors and new eateries, new experiences, it is the only way one grows.

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