Stuffed avocado and local beers

Sunday! The fun day! The day I try not to work at all, usually, stay home, watch some New Orleans Saints football, eat good and relax!

Well yesterday we had plans, my wife and I, to go to Utuado, the town I was raised in. We were supposed to meet my cousin Damian for wine and to talk food history. My cousin is an expert in Utuado history and he loves food, so he has traced some Utuado’s dishes to their past. But that didn’t happen. 

So instead we went to Old San Juan. There’s this bar that I like a lot, La Taberna Lúpulo, that I wanted to take my wife to try Utuado beer. They usually have it, but they didn’t yesterday.

On our way to it, we stumbled upon The Stuffed Avocado, a new little place where the main ingredients is, of course, avocado! I heard about this place before but never visited.So we stopped for a quick, keto lunch.

The Stuffed Avocado, a local restaurant

The place is not a Keto restaurant, but we made our orders Keto, except for the beer. They had Ocean Lab beer, an Isla Verde brewery, just by the ocean!

Tuna BowlThey sell bowls of food, simple ingredients with different flavors. You choose your base, which can be rice, kale, baby mixed greens and mamposteao rice. We chose baby mixed greens.

Then you choose your proteins; salmon, tuna, beef, pork or chicken, we chose tuna. You also get to pick your sauces and toppings. All that food is set over a whole avocado cut in half.

We ordered Ocean Lab Sunset Amber. Refreshing and flavorful and not heavy at all. Brewed in the near town of Isla Verde.

Ocean Lab Amber, a local beer

After lunch we walked the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan to La Ocean Lab Oktoberfest, another local beerTaberna Lúpulo, where I thought we were going to have REBLución, a very nice, refreshing beer from my home town. Instead we tasted the Oktoberfest Marzen, also from Ocean Lab. Very nice, although I prefer the Amber.

On we went to Cinemabar 1950 and met our friend and bartender Raymond. I tasted another Puerto Rican beer, El Vigía. A pale ale from Ponce that I found to floral for my taste. This restaurant serves Puerto Rican food  and they specialize in many tropical flavored Mojitos. It also offers independent films and local theatre plays on the weekends.

Enough beers for the day! We were already in the mood for some coffee, so we walked down to Café Cuatro Sombras, a local coffee shop that offers coffee drinks form their own finca de café. The shop is in the south side of Old San Juan but the coffee comes for the mountains of Yauco, a town in the south coast of Puerto Rico.

We stayed local, local in flavors, local in eateries, local in ingredients while enjoying the oldest city under U.S. jurisdiction and certainly a very historic and colorful city.

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