The search of history

So I decided to start a journey that will make me find where, when, how and if Puerto Rican food is still Puerto Rican. How the American invation of 1898 changed the way Puerto Ricans ate and eat. How industrialization changed how we eat and where does our food come from.

I have started already, searching, researching, reading, interviewing. The history of Puerto Rican food we shall find and learn.

My background and career path have been in the food service industry, from serving it to cooking it! I eat, I cook and now I want to know where it comes from and how we eat it.

Born in Stamford, Connecticut from Puerto Rican parents, raised in a small rural mountain town in Puerto Rico and had lived in New Orleans for 10 years where I learned a whole lot of food, wine and spirits, ending up in San Juan again just a couple of months before Katrina and just getting hit by Maria last year, food is all, is everything and is many things.

Get ready, we are starting!

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